The company Bender Bau GmbH is specialized and established in the craft area on carcass construction.

Our employees have professional training and the will to always offer the best performance. So we can not only meet all the requirements of our customers, but we can also guarantee the highest quality.

Bender Bau GmbH stands for craftsmanship of the highest quality.

What we offer our customers:

  • Reliability: What our customers want is put into practice.
  • Deadlines are always met
  • Cleanliness on the construction site is a matter of course for us and that every day.
  • Not only our performance is of the highest quality, but also our products and materials.
  • In case of any discrepancies, these will be solved immediately through communication and competence.
  • customers who have once worked with us, always come back to us again

Services in shell construction

Bender Bau GmbH covers the complete spectrum of building construction in solid construction:

  • Base slabs made of concrete and WU concrete
  • Ceiling production with filigree elements, also formworked
  • Cellar production from sand-lime brick
  • Concrete cellar production with the help of double-walled filigree elements

We are a certified company for waterproofing cellars against pressurised and non-pressurised water according to DIN 18195 and we also manufacture masonry with large-format panel elements for the accurate and rapid production of single-family and multi-family houses.

We prefer materials such as

  • Aerated concrete (Yton, H+H)
  • Sand-lime brick (XELLA, North-KS)
  • Poroton brick (Wienderberger)

In addition, we also offer other construction-related services. Just ask us.